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a little about me...

Hello I'm Ali, a London-born Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Natural Chef, dedicated, motivated and inspired to heal, comfort and improve lives of individuals through my unique, multi-faceted approach to holistic well-being. 

With thirteen years experience in the field of remedial massage therapy and seven years reiki energy healing I have worked with clients ranging from rugby players, marathon and triathlon competitors, HIV sufferers, contemporary dancers, office workers, pregnant mothers, newborn babies, yoga instructors, pianists, golfers and acrobats. I have specialized for a period of time with pre and post operation rehabilitation and trauma recovery. Each of my treatments are individually tailored and intuitively led for maximum healing and relaxation. 
My journey with food has developed into an obsession! Over the many years and many coutries I have been fortunate to travel, food is definitely up there at the top for why I love to explore our wonderful world! For me food is so very much more than just fuel - it is celebration, nourishment, medicine, community and friendship, meditation and pure joy.

I was among the first group of students to gain the Natural Chef diploma in 2016 at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. I see my role as a
Natural Chef encompass my views and approaches to how we can utilize our entire mind-body-energy systems in feeling our absolute best. The food I prepare works in tandem with my other unique offerings of reiki energy healing + remedial massage to bring ultimate balance to every aspect of your well-being!