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Some of my regular clients have relied on my massage services since the very beginning of my massaging career back in 2005! Read on to see what some of them have to say about my treatments: 

"I first went to see Ali (after she was recommended by a friend) with numerous old and new injuries. Feeling very fragile and nervous, I realised straight away that I was in good hands. Ali was very compassionate and sensitive about my injuries, but also incredibly intuitive and worked on my aches and pains to help release them, without pushing past my limits. Even after one treatment I could feel that I was in the right place, and after a few more sessions I noticed a marked improvement in my pain levels and movement.
Five years on and Ali is the only Massage Therapist I will see! Whether you are looking for a sports, remedial or relaxing massage, I highly recommend you book in with her!"
S.M, Male, 30's, Yoga Instructor

“I have had many many massages over the past 15 years to help both relax me but also deal with sports injuries accumulated from years of marathon running. I can say without hesitation that Ali's massages are quite simply the best. Other massages often leave me feeling lethargic but with Ali I always feel renewed - like me but on a really good day. The girl has a real gift.”
J.F. Female, 30's, Business executive and Marathon runner

"I suffer from sciatica and work long hours hunched over a computer. Getting a massage from Ali has become the highlight of my week; I walk out of her studio feeling relaxed, refreshed, and so much looser and stress-free. Not only is Ali an incredibly talented massage therapist, she's such a lovely person that I feel completely comfortable and at peace in her presence. Best massage in London!"
B.H, Female, 20s, Writer and avid traveller 

"When my massage therapist of 3 years told me that she wasn't going to do my massages any more, I was worried because I really counted on my regular treatments. Then she introduced me to Alison and we clicked straight away and after the first session with her I was totally hooked and have never looked back. She is an amazing therapist. I have a very physical and strenuous job and wouldn't survive without my regular massages from Alison. She is so strong and at the same time so caring and considerate. She is also a great Reiki practitioner which helps to balance and relax me mentally as well. She is a miracle worker and everyone should experience her massages and energy work! I highly recommend her. You will be missing out if you don't give her a try"
A.S, Female, 40s, Business Owner

Ali has the most deeply nurturing and healing touch I've ever experienced with a massage therapist. What she does is more than just massage. She is totally present and intutively knows where your body needs to be touched and in what way. The hot stones and oils were simply divine, but they are nothing without the magic hands behind them.
My session was deeply healing that began to build me up from the inside. Previous to my session with Ali I had experienced an intense week of emotional releases resulting in physical symptoms of sciatica, headaches, back and neck ache and nausea. Ali's session totally cleared my body and ingnited my body's healing response. I fell into the deepest sleep that night and woke up feeling amazing with no back ache or neck ache - I haven't woken up like THAT in quite some time.
G.A.H, Male, Kenesiologist and Speech Coach
"I was fortunate enough to be one of Ali's first reiki clients and I couldn't believe how strong the connection was! She has such a great energy and I can't recommend her enough. I left her feeling refreshed, relaxed, and in awe of the power of her hands."
H.B, Male, 40s, Social Worker and Triathlete

"Heaven. Ali is truly amazing. I don't remember last time I was that deeply relaxed. I have just made my next booking.”
J.O-S, Female, 30s, Super-Mum and Yogi