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I. Love. Food.
Foodie.. Gourmand.. Epicurean.. however you wish to label it, my journey with

food has grown from a hobby into me becoming a professionally trained Chef. 
I truly believe reiki energy work, massage and nourshing food form a powerful
healing trinity and I would love to share my passion for food with you

Healthy Food Chef

I am very proud to be amongst the very first group of 'Natural Chefs' to graduate in the UK, but what exactly is one I hear you ask? My interpretation is someone whom puts the focus on seasonal, local, un-processed, preferrably organic / minimally exposed to toxins, wholefoods at the heart of their cooking.

Thanks to superstar Chef extrordinaire and friend,
Ceri Jones of Natural Kitchen Adventures  gaining her qualification at Bauman College in one of my favourite cities, San Francisco, and bringing her knowledge back to share with us all, the Natural Chef program is now being run at The College of Naturopathic medicine. The course not only covers the basic foundations of a regular chef, it includes elements of sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating, juicing and raw food into many dishes to give vitality and optimum nutritional density to each meal.

In todays growing need and interest in alternative and holistic wellness, I feel that the preparation of natural, wholefoods is a key component in caring for our whole bodies - something I relish in incorporating in as many delicious ways as I can!

"Nutrient Dense, Soul-food"

As a busy Londoner myself my dishes are often fuss-free, batch cooking utilising the best of the seasons bountiful produce - which often means it is not only better for your taste-buds and digestive systems, but for your bank balance too! I would best describe my food as "Nutrient Dense Soul-Food" the kind of  food you can really tuck into and enjoy around a table of great friends which will leave you you feeling vibrant, energised, satisfied and your tastebuds tingling!

Being a die-hard foodie to the core I revel in experimenting, trying, testing, tasting and evolving as much as I can with food. I truly enjoy the journey that food can take us through: from celebrations, seasons, times of our lives to times of the day. We all eat at least twice per day, every day so why not make it as enoyable as possible?!

My Services
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